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Will2Golf | Alejandra Llaneza


Alejandra Llaneza

Date: 5/16/15
Tags: Tour player, Mexican National Team, college golf, time management, learn from failures, dream big
Notes: Watch and listen as Maggie interviews Alejandra Llaneza, LPGA Tour Player.  Alejandra tells us of her special experiences playing on a national team and college golf team.  She also lets us know her secret to winning every day as well as her motto, “Dream big, work hard and smile often!”


Alejandra Shot of the Day, KingsMill


Will2Golf | Michael Whan, LPGA Commissioner


Mike Whan

Date: 5/17/16

Tags: Dealing with failure, girls golf, Tour player,  over-coming barriers, fail forward, LPGA, over achieving

Notes: Watch and listen as Maggie interviews Mike Whan, LPGA Commissioner.  Commissioner Whan wants us to get in the game and stay in the game in some capacity. Don’t let barriers stop you as every Tour player can relate to a 12 on the scorecard, having a poor round, struggling as a junior golfer, walking on driving range and not being welcomed He also shares his insights on what characteristics every Tour player possesses.  His charge, “Your job today is to beat yesterday.

Will2Golf | Juli Inkster


Juli Inkster

Date: 5/16/15

Tags: Tour player, Hall of Fame, Solheim Cup, team golf, life lessons, business, passion, pride, represent others, balancing life

Notes: Listen and learn from LPGA Hall of Fame member and Solheim Cup Captain and Player, Juli Inkster.  Maggie picks Juli’s brain on competition, self-motivation, and life lessons.  Of all of Juli’s accomplishments, she rates being a winning Solheim Cup captain as the best.  She loved how the team not only represented the USA, but they represented each other.  Juli believes, “If you are going to do something, do it right!


Will2Golf | Adam Decker, University of Richmond Men’s Golf Coach

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Adam Decker 

Date: 1/27/16

Tags: Academics, college life questions, distance control, trajectory, recruitment

Notes: Join us as we speak with Adam Decker, head men’s golf coach at The University of Richmond.  Listen as he tells how one’s academic performance in high school can send either a positive or negative message to college coaches. Coach Decker also provides two tips that can maximize a golfer’s ability: Know your carry distances and learn to control trajectories with not only wedge shots, but all clubs. 

Will2Golf | Cindy Ho, UNC Wilmington Women’s Golf Coach


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Cindy Ho
Date: 1/30/15
Tags: college coach, college golf, college golf life, swing videos
In this show we hear from Cindy Ho, head women’s golf coach of The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Coach Ho discusses what college coaches want to see with resumes and swing videos. In addition, we get advice on ditching the rangefinder and using the pin sheet. 


Will2Golf | Matt Ball, VCU Men’s Golf Coach

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Matt Ball 

Date: 2/5/16

Tags: Recruiting, life of a student-athlete, parenting, organization, short game

Notes: Listen in as we speak with Matt Ball, head men’s golf coach at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Coach Ball shares his perspective of the recruiting process as a coach and parent.  He tells us what he learned from other coaches and how coaching his own children opened his eyes to the life of the student-athlete.  We also learn the benefits of a solid short game.