Greenside Bunker Challenge

Place: Greenside bunker with area to land the ball on a green, if possible. Using a pitching green with a bunker is ideal, but you may also hit greenside bunker shots from a practice fairway bunker to a towel, alignment sticks, or bucket (to simulate a green). You do not need perfect conditions to play this game. Use your imagination and set up targets as close as possible to assigned distances.

Needed: Sand wedge, Towel, Alignment sticks, or a Bucket (for 3 targets), Practice balls

Skill Gained: Greenside bunker shots with varying degrees of difficulty.

Why? This is great bunker practice that simulates pressures of game day conditions faced in competition.

Game: Roll ball into the bunker. For an advanced version, throw the ball or give yourself more difficult lies. Mark 5-7 yards, 8-10 yards and 11-15 yards from the ball position in the bunker to the target. Hit 3 balls to each target, alternating targets with each shot, for a total of 9 shots. Change hole to add difficulty as you progress.


-1 point: Missing the green

1 point: Hitting the ball on the green

2 points: Hitting the ball inside 20 feet

3 points: Hitting the ball inside 9 feet

5 points: Sinking the shot in the hole

Example: Your shot finishes 8 feet from the hole. Score= 3 points.

Scoring Guide:

Junior Golfer: 5-9

College Golfer: 13-18

Tour Player: 25-29