Get In The Zone

This is a great way to start your day upon arrival at the course or after a long wait on the tee during a competitive round.

Before a round or after a long wait (due to a ruling or a back up on a par 5, etc) make sure you are ready to play. Get ready mentally, physically, and emotionally to get into the competition. Get on your feet in plenty of time if you have had a sit down and walk around to get yourself awake. Take some really deep breaths; the extra oxygen will perk you up. You can even do a bit of jumping if you feel tired. Next, make sure you take plenty of extra practice swings. Make slow swings with your eyes closed to get your balance. Feel your mind and body becoming one again in the moment. Next, increase swing speed to normal and lastly open your eyes. Open really wide then relax. Really wide then relax. This will help you find the Zone. Remember, the Zone is a purposeful and heightened sense of awareness of your target paired with a calm of knowing you can do it.