May YOUR Dreams Come True

What YOU can control
…and what you can’t
Make a list of what you want. Tape it to your mirror in your bathroom.  Your dreams should be in your thoughts as you fall asleep and make you jump out of bed in the morning.
Things in YOUR control:
1.  How you respond to adversity
2.  Having a back-up plan or two
3.  Critical Thinking
4.  Self-motivation and Self-disciplined
5.  What you say or do
Things out of YOUR control:
1.  The weather, poor bounces
2.  The coach’s decision to recruit or not recruit you
3.  The questions on a test
4.  Poor coaching
5.  What others say or do
Control the things that you can. Walk, think and act like a Champion!  Bit by bit, chip away, chip away.  May all your dreams come true!