College Post Season Golf

Post Season Golf

Who will qualify for the Division I NCAA Championships?  This is what everyone plays for in college golf!  I visited the Wolfpack Classic this past week and spoke with some coaches and players about their expectations and preparations for post season.  They all agreed on one thing: This is a very exciting and anxious time of year for student-athletes and coaches.  However, they have to qualify first!
Over the next couple of weeks, there are many automatic college golf team NCAA berths up for grabs by winning a conference championship.  There is one caveat on the men’s side regarding the .500 rule.  Effectively, men’s golf requires that a team be above .500 on wins and losses as well as either win their conference championship or receive an “at large” bid.

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Upcoming Division 1 Tournaments and Championships

There is still a lot of college golf to watch over the next couple of weeks.  You can find upcoming tournaments and conference championships for division 1 men’s and women’s golf by clicking here!

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