Prepare Yourself For Competition

Prepare yourself for Competition
Teach yourself to sink putts without fear

1. Use 1 ball
2.  Putt 9 times from 4-12 feet around 1-3 practice holes with relatively flat, straight putts alternating distances.

Level I Goal:  Sink at least 5 putts while having the missed putts finish within the length of the grip on your putter.

Level II Goal: Repeat Level I and increase severity by adding slopes

Level III Goal:  Repeat Level I with 6 sinks

Level IV Goal:  Repeat Level II difficulty with 6 sinks

Level V Goal:  Increase your distances to 4-15 feet

Level VI Goal:  Increase the # of sinks and level of difficulty

Why 9 putts? Start tracking the distances of your first putts on your pin sheet when you play. You will see that you have these distances about 9 times during a round.

I encourage you to do some version of this several times during each practice session.  Build your Library of Confidence to resource when you need it during a competitive round.

Next time you have doubt in competition when you face these putts, remind yourself that you know how to sink putts!