Frequently Asked Questions

What is Will2Golf?

Will2Golf is the online destination created for junior golfers and parents or guardians which includes comprehensive tournament schedules, detailed information about each event PLUS tips, techniques and tools to help junior golfers create a playing schedule that meets their skill levels and goals.

Will2Golf provides a fun and informative way to learn about playing opportunities and how to create a personalized path in golf. We have infused our platform with informative and educational programming such as interviews with college coaches, former student-athletes, teaching professionals and current PGA and LPGA Tour professionals who have navigated the junior, amateur and college golf landscape. Surf the site and find the path that is best for you.

Who’s behind Will2Golf?

Will2Golf was created by Maggie Will, a three-time LPGA Tour winner and longtime Tour veteran, experienced golf instructor and innovator, and former college golfer and college golf coach. Maggie launched Will2Golf in 2016 to help junior golfers and families find playing opportunities to meet the goals and skill levels of aspiring players. Through her more than 40 years in the golf world, Maggie has amassed a breadth of perspectives, enabling her to more deeply understand the optimal paths from junior golf to successful college experience. In this endeavor, Maggie draws from her passion for helping others and her extensive industry contacts, including current and former Tour players, golf media and industry leaders, current college coaches, untold numbers of current and former junior and college players and their parents, teaching professionals, tournament directors, and college administrators. Maggie has built the premier web resource that guides junior golfers of all ages and all skill levels as they create their path to playing opportunities. We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to connecting with you and hearing about how Will2Golf empowers you in your golf journey.

What can I do on the Will2Golf site?

You can easily search for events in Will2Golf’s 12,000+ event database, create and keep a calendar, search for a college coach’s recruiting calendar, and find helpful information and tips regarding practice, competition, and scheduling.

What am I going to learn from Will2Golf?

You will learn that there are more tournament events than you ever imagined, and how to categorize and decipher them in a way that makes the most sense for your progression in junior golf (and onto college golf should you choose that path).

You will also learn helpful pieces of information in Will2Golf Academy in the Games and Drills section with information on tournament preparation, skill development, and playing. In Maggie’s Notes, you will learn how to handle pressure situations in tournament play, how to process and analyze performances before and after a round. Ask Maggie a question about your own game in the Ask Maggie section. Will2Golf will inspire you to make the most of your game, and enable you to apply your knowledge and skills to future competitions. Want a quick tip, check out Maggie Minute.

Will2Golf Channel contains numerous interviews from industry players, coaches, teachers and leaders in the Press Room, in Video and Audio form, with valuable content that you may find useful in your navigation of the junior golf world. Hear from renowned instructor David Leadbetter, UNCW Women’s Coach Cindy Ho, and LPGA Tour Hall of Fame Member Juli Inkster, to name a few.

What are the benefits of membership?

Will2Golf benefits are plentiful! You can easily search for events in Will2Golf’s comprehensive database of more than 12,000 junior, amateur and open golf events all across the United States and Canada.

Will2Golf also is used by college coaches who will display their recruiting schedules. For the aspiring college golfer, Will2Golf is an affordable and NCAA-compliant program that helps “match” junior golfers with coaches at all levels of collegiate golf.

Will2Golf offers valuable practice and training tips as well as content which draws on Will2Golf Founder Maggie Will’s contacts in the golf world, including video interviews and phone conversations with college coaches, former college players, teaching professionals, and current and former PGA and LPGA Tour professionals. All of these people played junior golf. Now you may benefit as they share their experiences and tips.

As you surf the site you will see even more benefits for you and your golf game. Become a member today!

How young or old must I be to use this site?

You must be at least 13 years old to have a Will2Golf account. Parents or guardians may manage their child's account if they have junior golfers younger than 13, but there are certain restrictions. Please read our privacy policy and terms of use.

How large is your database of events?

Currently we have over 12,000 events annually that are either individual tournaments or part of a tour or organization. We catalog events that range from junior competitions to a wide array of amateur events, tournaments for college players, city or county events, state opens, and even a few PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, qualifiers and more.

Why should I join?

If you are a junior golfer looking to improve your game or if you are a parent of a junior golfer looking for assistance in easily assembling your child’s playing schedule, then Will2Golf is the place for you. This site offers the largest, searchable database of junior, amateur and open golf events in one online site. Calendaring your events is easier at Will2Golf. Save your web-surfing time and energy by joining Will2Golf. At Will2Golf, you will learn about competition, practice, and the progression of your game from Maggie and many more of today’s golf coaching, teaching, and playing experts.

How much does a membership cost?

Membership is $75 with a $10 monthly fee. Join Now

Is there a price break with memberships for families with multiple juniors playing golf?

At this time, each junior must have an individual membership. The calendaring function is set up for one person per account. We are able to handle larger groups of 10 or more. If you put together a large group or if you are an instructor or international federation coach with a group of 10 or more, email us at to speak with a representative about subscription options.

What are the “new” features in the works?

We always have plenty of new features in production that will make your membership even more enjoyable and useful. We will continue to roll these out to enhance your online experience at Will2Golf. If you have an idea for us to consider, just drop us a line.

What do I need to know about NCAA rules, communicating with coaches through this site and the golf recruiting process?

The W2G platform is NCAA-compliant and helps both the rising junior golfer or aspiring college golfer and the college coaches communicate in an approved manner.

How do I validate a college coach’s identity?

Will2Golf is committed to integrity, and validates all college coaches on this site.