The Story of Will2Golf

As a collegiate coach, I witnessed first-hand the difficulty and frustration juniors experienced in their efforts to navigate the complexities surrounding tournament golf. I quickly became aware of the need to provide juniors with the tools necessary to understand and successfully manage tournament schedules that best match with their individual goals.

I felt compelled to make a difference and soon embarked on a mission to create an educational, empowering and entertaining web portal like no other for juniors, parents and college coaches. Will2Golf is the result of this mission. My hope is that Will2Golf solves many of the logistical challenges junior golfers face in tournament selection, provides a guiding path to college golf (if this is the chosen path), and leads to greater success, on and off the course.



I welcome you and hope you enjoy the site as much as I have enjoyed piecing it together for you. Like any worthwhile endeavor, this process was also challenging, and many times it would have been easy to give up. However, I have been blessed with an extra dose of grit and Will, and an amazingly talented team of family and friends who helped make this mission a reality. Will2Golf is for you, the junior golfer.

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing how Will2Golf empowers you in your golf journey.