….False Experiences Appearing Real

I was listening to a podcast on National Public Radio about fear. This study was an attempt to show whether things are real or just being set up to APPEAR real (think haunted house).  Fear occurs when you move from the present (real) to the future and past with your thoughts. When this happens, your body has a reaction that clouds your critical thinking. We all know when we don’t think clearly, we tend to make poor decisions.

Let’s apply this to golf:

You are standing on the tee of a long par 4 with wind blowing into and left to right with trouble on the right. (This is often a difficult tee shot for a right-handed golfer.) If you are not prepared mentally and physically for this situation, it will be very scary and critical thinking gets clouded and you may make a rash, quick decision that may not end very well. If you are prepared, you can manage the situation and minimize the damage and maybe shine while the rest of the field struggles.

Here is how to prepare Physically and Mentally for that situation:

  1. Physically be ready with a Safety Shot.
  2. Mentally prepare your brain, your nerves, and your entire body for Those Moments.