Should I go to Camp at a College?

I hope you were able to catch some of the NCAA Women’s and NCAA Men’s Golf Championships the past couple of weeks on The Golf Channel. The Arizona State Sun Devils won the individual and team title on the women’s side while The Oklahoma Sooners took the men’s team title.  Congrats to Braden Thornberry of Ole Miss for the individual title as well as all of the teams and individual winners at the various different national championships.  I was asked last week if I would trade one of my LPGA wins for a national championship. Absolutely Yes!  (We lost by 1 shot my senior year!)  Playing on a college team at any level is an experience you will always remember.

With championship season over, college coaches will turn their focus to recruiting and camp season.  Which brings us to the question: Should you go to a college camp and what should you expect?

To Go or Not to Go
….That is the question
First things first.  It depends on your goals.  There are many possible goals associated with attending a camp on a college campus.  Here are a few:1.  I just want to have fun and get away for a week or day.  I’m going for the “camp” atmosphere and making friends. Golf is a bonus!
2.  I’m new to the game and need to learn the basics and play some golf.
3.  I’m in middle school nearing high school and want to start learning a bit about college and playing college golf.
4. This college is one of my top 5-10 choices. I want to meet the coach and see the school.
5.  One of my top 5-10 schools of choice has a coach at this camp.
6.  I realize now that I am not getting one of my top 5-10 schools of choice and need to get seen by some coaches at a different level.
7.  I’d like to learn how to play at a higher level and learning from a college coach might give me some insights.There are many other reasons to attend.  Know your goal.  Log in to see some of the camps that we know about and what to expect at camp.