Tip from the Tour

Tip from the Tour

From a Golf World article on recent Georgia Tech All-American and PGA Tour rookie, Ollie Schniederjans.

GW: Given the current depth of talent, there’s such a thin line between competing on the weekend and missing the cut. From what you gathered, what separates the two?

“All the little things add up.  It is a thin line. Sometimes you miss a cut and feel like you were in the mix. Other times you might feel off and still make it.”

Ollie went on to say, “For me personally I feel like everything is right there. I think the biggest thing is improving on the greens. As I started to last week, I need to get the putter heated up to get me to the next level. If I can gain shots on the greens, that will set me up to have a lot of chances to win”.

Figure IT out
Get Recruited 

When college coaches recruit, they are analyzing which junior golfer will figure IT out before or early in college.  What is IT?  Scoring.  But how do you score? You probably do drills and work hard, but all too often you are saying, “I’m so close yet my scores are not reflecting my golf?”

Read Get IT Done for the The Answer!